Arquivar 2020

auditd: a awesome tool for auditing

Hello Debian-Users, whats going on?

Today we will talk about the Linux Auditing System or auditd, a powerful tool for auditing linux servers, i will show a fluxogram that explain how it works, and how are the working with the kernel, application, syscall and his entire behavior:

How it works behind the scenes?

the auditd/daemon scenario and how it works credits of this fluxogram:

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Tar example usage and tricks


On this article i will show some examples using the tar, the most used GNU command for compact and compress. That “guy” are called tar, because it comes from the term “Tape Archive”. He can agroup alot of files in one file and we can use some methods for compress and after it, we can call that file of an “tarball”. The tar have alot of methods for manipulation, we can update the file, removing or adding files and the syntax is very simple. Ler mais